Dear Parent and Carers

Whole School History and Geography Projects

For the majority of final two weeks of our school term the whole school will be collectively involved with a History and Geography project. During the two weeks we will be researching our family history and that of our local area.

We are interested to celebrate everyone in our school, to look at the rich local history of the school, and its surrounding area.

The activities we will be involved with will include two aspects:

  1. Family Histories:

We want to find out from where in the UK, or the world, our current families originate and celebrate the cultural diversities that may exist in our school. We intend to plot these destinations on a world map which will form part of a special display celebrating the rich and varied histories and cultures of our school-family.

Along with this, we would love you to talk with the children about family members, past and present, to share memories of any ’celebrity’ members, ‘legends of the family’, who are fondly and proudly remembered because of the special qualities they had, exciting things they had done, jobs or positions they held, or for the fun and mischief they may have caused.

  1. Local History:

We are also using the next two weeks to research and explore our local history, that of the school and Ashton on Mersey itself. The children will be venturing on local walks to various destinations in Ashton on Mersey, using old photographs, anecdotes and artefacts to compare and contrast ‘then’ and ‘now’. We will be focussing on the skills of being a ‘historian’ and a ‘geographer’, discovering what life was like in Ashton on Mersey at particular periods in history, and comparing findings to life experiences today.

We are all really excited about this whole school project, involving all of the children and staff working together, learning about personal and local history, and having lots of fun!

We would also love for you to get involved too – if you are able. Any photographs, pictures or stories that you would be willing to share, would be greatly appreciated, please let us know.

With many thanks and very best wishes

Anita Fagan


‘You can do things I cannot, I can do things you cannot, together we can do great things’ – Mother Teresa

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