Dear Parents and Carers

What an exciting final week we have had at school, and such a brilliant way to end this very busy term.

Easter Egg Competition

All the staff were so very impressed with how creative the children have been with their entries, there were some very clever names for some of the ‘egg-characters’ too – ‘Egg Shearon and ‘Eggy the Eagle’ to name a few.

During today’s Celebration Assembly, after much consternation the winners of our competition were announced as: from Foundation Stage – Noah Rourke-Threlfall and Alex Starczewski, Infants – Mikey Lockett and Francesca McCarthy, Lower Juniors – James Ostmeier and Oliver Barker, and Upper Juniors –Carys Hughes and Matthew Horsfield. Each of these winners received a prize and there was also a smaller prize for each child who entered. Well done to everyone who took part!

‘CSI’ Science Day

On Wednesday we had the most amazing day! A crime had been committed and we were given the job of solving the mystery to find out who the culprit was!

We came in to school on Wednesday morning to find Carlos, or local Police Officer, guarding a ransacked PE shed, from which a mountain bike had apparently been stolen. Three suspects, thought to have had a motive for stealing the bike, were announced in an emergency assembly as being Mrs Mulvihill, Mr Woods and myself!

In order to solve this mystery, our children – a dedicated team of crime fighters had to become real forensic scientists for the day. They had to analyse hairs and fibres found at the crime scene, evaluate finger prints and investigate soil samples, matching these to footprints the thief was thought to have left. They also learnt about chromatography as the children had to analyse ink samples connected to a note, thought to be a vital clue to the crime.

The culprit was eventually unveiled as being Mrs Mulvihill!! She was promptly arrested but has apologised profusely for her actions and has promised never to do anything bad again. Most(!) of the children therefore decided to let her off!

Thank you so very much to Mr and Mrs McCarthy, both of whom are ‘real life Forensic Scientists’, and Mrs Sharples(PHD!) for all their hard work in helping to organise and run the activities throughout the day. The children had the most wonderful time, they were so enthused and involved with what they were doing, they learnt so much and had a lot of fun. It was truly a day to remember. Golden Time

Yesterday afternoon saw children celebrating their ‘Golden Time’ during which they had a wonderful time, some in pyjamas watching a film, some playing on the school field, some having free time to use the PE equipment and bikes in the playground. The children have worked hard and played together well, looking after each other – each of the chosen ‘class treats’ was very well deserved. I can’t wait to find out what their choices for Golden Time next term will be.

Lenten Collections

I am delighted to say that we raised an enormous £509.87 from our Lenten fundraising activities! Well done to everyone who tried so hard to raise this vital money for The Little Sisters of the Poor, I know they will be delighted when they receive it and will put it to great use. Thank you.

Saints Days Celebrations

I would also like to say an enormous thank you to everyone who supported our recent Saint’s Day celebrations with St David’s and St Patrick’s Houses. It has been a joy for the children to help organise and run these special events and I’m delighted that so many of you have been able to join us. I very much look forward to our next ones.

And lastly, but by no mean least, I am sure you will join me in wishing Mrs Silvera the very best of special wishes for a bright and happy future in her new school as she leaves us today.

Thank you to everyone who makes up our very special ‘Staff and Governor School Team’ at All Saints’ – for their relentless energy, enthusiasm and support for each other, and the school, over this very busy term.

I hope you all have a wonderful, happy and peaceful break and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

With many thanks and very best wishes

Anita Fagan


‘I can do things you cannot; you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things’ – Mother Teresa